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Optimize Your Hiring Process for Maximum Efficiency and Savings

Boost employee retention, and accelerate the hiring process.

Technology built to improve referral and retention, project efficiency, safety, culture, and overall success for industry and the workforce that drives it.

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Referral and Retention

The expenses incurred due to unfilled positions amount to a staggering $340 per day. Traditionally, job boards take an average of 42 days to successfully fill a role. However, with WorkOn, you can expedite this process, achieving an average time to fill of just 21 days.

By harnessing the power of your existing employees' networks, you not only save valuable time but also realize substantial cost savings of $6,300 per employee referral hire.

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One Text, One Click

86% of employees and executives cite the lack of effective collaboration and communication as the main causes for workplace failures. WorkOn provides the connection to fill this gap and easily ensure your workforce has the information that it needs.
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Use Cases

Employee Communication

Site updates - ex. road closures, emergency drills, gps locations, contact #, color codes, etc.


Enhance safety awareness by campaign distribution and employee engagement.


Encourage workers to march towards a goal. Shift random drawings to those deserving of awards.

Information Hub

Link to external sources such as digital forms, project surveys and other worker feedback tools.


Add all information your workers need to get started including a map, handbooks, and list of contacts.

Site Logistics

Providing workers clear visuals on where and where not to go. Site maps, pin point directions, and more.

Work Packages

Utilize cards to emphasize important scopes of work and the details needed to execute them.

Project Resources

Help workers outside of the gates, continuing education, local resources, and more.

And More To Come...

Custom solutions tailored to your needs continously enhanced by industry feedback.

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